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Our 5 easy steps to getting your data back!
STEP 1 Fill out our contact form or call us
step-1 Remember! We are here to help!

Fill out the contact form and we’ll call you back.

Data recovery can be tough, but dealing with us is easy.

STEP 2 Drop off your media/collection service
step-2 We receive hard drives from all over Africa.

Please make sure to follow proper shipping procedures to make sure your hard drive arrives as safely as possible.

STEP 3 Wait for your free Diagnostics
We will evaluate the medium using comprehensive manufacturer hardware and software diagnostics.

The diagnostics include a variety of mechanical, electrical, firmware, and file level (logical) tests.

STEP 4 We perform your data recovery
Using highly sophisticated techniques and equipment, we are able to repair and regenerate data from any failed storage media.

Our unique 3-D data restoration procedures ensure high success rates and unmatched customer satisfaction.

STEP 5 You receive your data
After the data has been validated, we then duplicate the recovered information to a replacement storage device (hard drive, memory stick, etc.). We keep a copy of the data we recovered for a period of 5 days to ensure our clients have time to review the results.